Programming Policies

Access Humboldt Programming Policies - Broadcast radio (KZZH)

KZZH Programming Selection and Review Policy  

Adopted by AH Board: May 2023


KZZH is a program of Access Humboldt, operating under an FCC license held by Access Humboldt, and is subject to oversight, transparency and accountability that are ensured by the Board of Directors of Access Humboldt.

Decisions to air or not air content on KZZH are the responsibility of the Station Manager. Appeals of these content decisions by the Station Manager can be presented to the Executive Director or designated management of Access Humboldt who may resolve. If still unresolved, programming decisions may then be referred to the Board of Directors’ Programming Committee and then to the Access Humboldt Board of Directors who can override or sustain KZZH management decisions.


KZZH promotes community program contributions to the station via interpersonal outreach, broadcasted PSAs, and by announcing opportunities to contribute to local calendars and programming on social media. KZZH also invites cash donations to Access Humboldt through various other outlets including station underwriting and sponsorship opportunities.

Funding appeals for other organizations or individuals are not allowed without specific approval by Access Humboldt’s Executive Director and are generally not available. 


KZZH will consider programming that: contributes to the Access Humboldt Mission [Statement] with consideration for the current schedule of programs and announcements being offered. Programs are preferred if they provide:


·  locally produced content

· useful and/or timely local information about current or historical events;

·  addresses controversial issues of public importance;

· provides opportunities for opposing views to be expressed;

· educational, informative and/or entertaining content;

·  broader representation of diverse protected communities when it comes to voices, ideas, and perspectives being offered at the time.

·  “low cost” or “no cost” events, volunteering opportunities, as well as charitable and/or non-profit events.


Priority will be given to local content serving underrepresented communities.  Regional or national content meeting these specifications can also be used to fill in the schedule.


The goal of KZZH is to empower local community voices and this is what happens in a large majority of cases. Sometimes, content may be rejected or not scheduled for specific reasons, which may include:


·  Violations of federal, state, county, or Access Humboldt regulation which can include but are not limited to content that includes:

o   Slander or Libelous content

o   Language prohibited by the FCC for daytime public broadcast (unless airing during “safe harbor”)

o   Misinformation or Disinformation deemed threatening to public health or safety, subject to appeals outlined above.


·  Content that is improperly formatted, too long, too short.

o   Acceptable file types are .mp3, .wav, (…)

o   “segments” are 5-15 minutes

to   “shows” are 29 minutes or 30 minutes long (plus or minus 2-3 minutes)

o   All content has an intro and conclusion identifying the name of the program, the host, the subject, guests who may appear.

KZZH Programming Selection and Review Policy  

Adopted by AH Board: May 2023